1 Hour Fire Rated Wall System-FireLine

Allied Modular Introduces New 1 Hour Fire Rated Wall System-FireLine

Many building codes often require the use of a one hour fire rated wall. The reason being, this fire rated wall often acts as a barrier between hazardous area and office. Our new FireLine wall provides a solution for those who require a wall to separate these kinds of occupancy situations.

The effects of a structure fire can be devastating. In a study conducted in 2007, it was determined that a structure fire was reported every 59 seconds and resulted in over $14.6 billion in damage and over three thousand deaths. Our new one hour fire rated wall system, FireLine, can help reduce loss of life and property damage by preventing fires from spreading and reducing liability and damage.

Furthermore, our FireLine wall system is rated to withstand sustained flames of 1500 – 1800 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes and meet the strict code requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials under ASTM E84 Class A, ASTM E119.

FireLine offers a flexible modular design that can be reused and reconfigured. Our walls also include a wide range of customizable design options such as various wall heights, doors, windows, colors, and finishes. Additionally, FireLine offers superior noise reduction, and various power systems can be integrated into the room’s interior.

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