Our modular products have been designed to create a solution that is perfect for your business. While the popular image of modular construction is typically thought of as a set of partition walls or a small office, Allied can also create much larger solutions.

One of our unique solutions is our two- story modular buildings. Why a building so large? Well, many businesses operate in large open space environments. These large factory environments are often quite bare and don’t have the office space that typically comes with an operation of that size.

Our two- story offices provide a solution that is cost efficient and scalable. The double story provides lots of options to create the office environment that is right for your facility.

The floor plan of a 2- story office is entirely up to you. We’ve had some of our clients put lots of windows on the second floor which can provide a great view to the outside facility. Furthermore, we offer many different kinds of windows based on your style and preferences.

As for the interior of the facility, the sky is the limit. For office space we can create individual offices with windows and doors that are suitable for management and executives. We can also simply add office space by adding a series of partition walls.

The two- story modular office isn’t just about offices; we can add other features that will benefit your business and let you take advantage of the space. Many of our clients have chosen to dedicate one floor to offices and use the other for more specialized functions. This space can be used for conference rooms, kitchens, rest rooms, and many other types of rooms.

With a two- story modular building you can maximize your space and receive a customized solution. Would you like to learn more about our 2- story offices? Give us a call at 888-836-7850.