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Promat 2013 was a huge success! In preparation for one of the biggest trade shows in the industry, we at Allied Modular created a specialized booth to showcase some of the amazing flexibility and creativity that can be accomplished with modular construction.

Although modular construction has been used for years, it has a reputation of being bland and lacking ingenuity. Most modular companies typically offer a very plain looking wall system that is cost efficient or an extremely expensive wall system with a nicer finish. There really hasn’t been much middle ground in terms of finding an affordable solution that still looks great.

At Promat 2013, Allied Modular destroyed this stereo type. We’ve developed several options that can take modular construction to a level of unsurpassed creativity and innovation that is suitable for an executive office without breaking the bank. As seen in the pictures above, we brought a host of beautiful colors and amazing interior design.

In addition to showing off our creative side, we also debuted our new one hour fire rated wall system. These fire rated walls are designed to protect lives and property while being able to withstand some serious heat.

Promat 2013 was a great show, and we look forward to Promat 2015!

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