5 Reasons To Choose Modular Construction

Modular construction has been alternative choice to traditional construction for years. There are a multitude of benefits that come with modular construction, and here the top five reasons why you should choose modular:

  1. Green Construction
    Traditional construction comes with many extra costs, but a cost that many are now choosing to acknowledge is the potential costs on the environment. Green methods are always preferred, and modular construction is inherently green. Modular components are fabricated with sustainable materials in a specialized factory. This reduces over all waste, and creates a more energy efficient product.
  2. Reduced Construction Times
    As mentioned above, modular components are created off site. This dramatically decreases overall design and build times. Furthermore, the actual on site assembly is typically accomplished 20% – 40% faster than traditional construction. Furthermore, modular assembly offers minimal site disturbance compared to “stick built” construction.
  3. High Quality
    After the modular components and walls are completed they are then transported to the job site. To endure the rigors of transportation, modular walls must be held to a higher standard and be quite durable. Modular walls are designed with high quality materials that are built to last. Additionally, modular walls are typically resistant to warping, termites, rot, and water damage.
  4. Lower Costs
    Did you know that modular construction is typically less expensive than traditional construction? Due to the way modular components are built, raw material sources can be purchased in bulk providing a product that is much more cost efficient. Decreases in production and design time also contribute a lower overall cost.
  5. Customization Options
    Modular construction offers a ton of customizable options. During the design phase of your project you can let your modular builder know some of the specifics you are looking for to customize walls or rooms. There are a variety of windows, doors, and fixtures that can be easily added.

Modular construction has many great features that will enhance your next building project. If you are looking for a cost efficient, quickly implement solution to add more offices, conference rooms, or other rooms, modular is a great choice.