Design build is a delivery method of building in which there is a single contractor responsible for the entire construction project: the design phase and the build phase. Common advantages cited for this method include accountability and reduction in costs.

In a traditional construction scheme in which the designer party works separately from the builder party, there is a potential for miscommunication and coordination issues. One of the parties may fail to communicate to the other an important aspect to the project, and if the project becomes delayed due to a mistake, many times the multiple parties will blame each other and attempt to dodge responsibility, making it more difficult to get the project completed. Design build seeks to deal with this problem by making one sole contractor the designer and builder. If there is any problem during the duration of the project, the contractor is solely responsible and is charged with getting the project back on track.

Design build also seeks to reduce costs by streamlining the construction process and eliminating unnecessary waste that is the result of miscommunication and miscalculation.

At Allied Modular we use the design build approach with our modular buildings. We work with you from designing the project and coming up with a layout that will fit your needs, to building and completing the project. We assume responsibility for making sure the project is completed on time and that it meets your standards. No more shopping for multiple contractors with multiple schedules and worrying about who will be reliable or not. Our modular building process is conducted under controlled indoor conditions in our factory, where building materials are used and reused as efficiently as possible, cutting down on time and waste, which brings down costs.

You’ll love our client-friendly design build process.