When businesses are considering their next construction project, “affordable” is usually not one of the words that comes to mind. Building projects can be expensive, and most companies are looking for the best value for the least amount of money possible.

Construction doesn’t have to break the bank, and there are some very affordable solutions. As an industry leader of modular construction, here at Allied Modular our innovative methods of construction can save your company time and money.

One product that has helped businesses across the country save money is our modular offices. These offices can be added to just about any facility with ease without all the problems and headaches you typically find with construction.

Allied’s modular offices can still give you a fully customized look without the high expensive price you’d expect to pay with conventional methods of construction. Our modular offices are prefabricated at our U.S. production facilities and lets you customize them to your specifications. You can choose the color of the walls, the thickness of the walls, and the layout of the office. That means you choose where the windows and doors are placed, and yes, we have options for those features too.

What makes our modular offices so affordable? Since we do the building in- house, we are able to take advantage of streamlined production methods. We can build our projects more efficiently which is better for the environment and allows us to complete your order much faster.

It is important to note that there is one big cost that very few business take note of until it is too late. That is the cost of downtime and disruption. Conventional construction is messy and requires an army of contractors coming and going from the facility. Having all those raw materials and people around can be quite distracting. Furthermore, some businesses may need to shut down or halt production while the construction is underway. Modular construction lets you avoid all of this while still providing a highly customizable solution.

In conclusion, you can see that adding offices to your facility doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Our modular offices are built to your specifications and can be installed significantly faster than traditional construction would take to be completed. Please visit our website to learn more about our affordable offices or give us a call at 888-836-7850.