Construction is an ever changing industry, and our flexible design style has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve. We developed unique and innovative solutions which help us meet our customers’ needs.

Allied Modular is pleased to announce a new service which will continue to save our customers two of their most important assets, time and money. Using our streamlined production methods, we’ve developed a method to ship our most popular products even faster for those customers with tight deadlines or who need their projects quickly.

We’ve created a brand new division of our company that will solely be dedicated to these projects, and we are calling it FastTrak. We’ve developed in-house software that will allow us to create drawings and quotes in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks, like you’d find with some of our competitors.

We’ve committed to shipping these projects within ten days of the order being placed. With our three USA- based facilities, we are just a short distance from your company. Like all of our modular products, you’ll be able to experience the same benefits you’ve grown accustomed to.

Modular construction isn’t like other forms of building. We do all the hard work for you at our facilities. This means a clean installation without all that annoying dust, mess and raw materials most contractors would bring to the job site. Allied’s process is pain free, and our products are incredibly durable.

Who qualifies for our FastTrak program? We are currently rolling this program out on our partition walls, single- story offices, modular wall systems, and several other types of construction projects.

Would you like to learn more about our new FastTrak option and see if your project qualifies? You can visit the FastTrak section of our website for more information, and you can call us at 888-836-7850 to discuss your project further.