Modular construction continues to be a trusted alternative to conventional methods of construction. The National Post recently wrote a great article about several families that were all faced with remodeling issues.

Homes built a generation or two ago were often much smaller in terms of square footage than they are today. The needs of homes have changed over the years too, and many homeowners are now needing more space. Adding space to an existing building can be difficult, costly, and may even present additional problems.

These homeowners found a way to not only add additional space, but also save some time in the process. As you may be aware, construction renovations typically don’t happen quickly and will take longer than expected. How has this all been accomplished? Through the use of modular construction.

The old homes used modular construction to create second and third floors offsite. The additional stories were added to the homes via the use of a crane, and instead of taking months to complete the construction was completed in a matter of days. This meant that the homeowners weren’t stuck in a house filled with construction mess for months, nor did they need to move out during the process.

Although we work in the commercial sector, Allied Modular’s building process is very similar and comes with all the same great benefits of modular construction. One of the biggest benefits our customers appreciate is saving time.

One of those hidden factors that most businesses don’t consider when doing a renovation or new construction is downtime. The facility may need to be closed, employees might have to find new work-spaces, and worst of all, production could be halted or stopped completely. All these things aren’t just time consuming; they also affect the bottom line.

Modular construction can help you avoid all of that by streamlining the construction process to be handled offsite in a specialized factory. Modular factories provide a controlled environment, which means they are not subject to weather or other delays. Furthermore, Allied Modular’s installation process is quick and efficient without all that downtime.

With modular construction you are only limited by your imagination. Our products are available in a wide variety 0f products that can be customized with different colors, sizes and accessories. Whether you are looking for a modular guardhouse or a modular in- plant office, we have a solution.

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