The Benefits of Worry-Free Freight

Generally, shipping a product through freight is pretty safe. Our modular buildings for example, are designed to travel on a flat bed truck and weather out environmental hazards such as harsh winds and rough roads, which is part of what makes a modular building so sturdy. Plus, with our two manufacturing locations located on either side of the United States, we have the capability to cut down on shipment times and distance.

Nevertheless, accidents can happen. Modular components can be damaged in transit; once that truck hits the open road, the freight is vulnerable to variable circumstances beyond our control. Most companies recognize this and will throw up their hands over freight damage or freight loss, claiming they aren’t responsible for items in transit. You end up having to cover the cost if your shipment is damaged.

At Allied Modular, we are dedicated to outstanding customer service. We don’t want our customers sitting in their offices, anxiously awaiting the shipment, hoping their product won’t be damaged because they have a limited budget. That’s why we offer our “Worry-Free Freight” service. With Worry Free Freight, we assume all responsibility for the shipment, so that if your shipment is damaged or lost, we will investigate the case and replace and reship the damaged or lost components without charge, so that you can finish your project within budget. With our Worry Free Freight service, you can order your shipment and then sit back and relax until it arrives.