Time is Money and with The Economy in Flux, Successful Businesses look at a Fast New Building Product to Stay In Front

As businesses change, so do their facility’s needs. In this day and age slowing down is simply not an option. Downsizing and expansion both require changes in physical space; prefabricated modular wall systems can accomplish both these tasks with minimal impact on productivity or workflow.

Businesses today must meet the changing business environment quickly and intelligently. Using prefabricated modular products can save companies tremendous amounts of time and money. The look of modular has become so streamlined that it is virtually indistinguishable from standard construction; however, the cost savings, non-intrusiveness, flexibility, and reduced environmental impact of modular truly makes it the best business solution on the market.

Standard stud and drywall construction causes enormous strain on companies looking to transform their workspace. “Many organizations overlook the productivity lost during a lengthy construction project; the cost of downtime can be staggering! Invasive drywall dust, sanding, and painting can become a thing of the past, although few companies have realized that prefabricated modular building systems are available and are a better solution” said Scott Nielsen, LEED Certified Operations Manager of Allied Modular.

Now, modular construction, which is pre-manufactured before arriving at a job site, eases the strain on companies looking to modify their facilities. Offices, lunchrooms, conference rooms, and a host of other applications can be completed in days instead of months, with very little impact on the operations of the organization and by purchasing prior to year end; you can maximize your tax benefits under http://www.section179.org/section_179_deduction.html [IRS tax law, section 179].

In addition to providing a non-intrusive and highest-quality business solution, prefabricated modular products offer myriad other advantages over standard construction. Modular products can be reused and relocated with very little effort or financial impact. Also, modular companies like Allied Modular Building Systems manufacture building solutions that are environmentally friendly using only recyclable materials and small installation crews, the carbon footprint on the environment is as minimal as the impact on your company’s productivity.