We here at Allied Modular have always championed the flexibility and universality of our modular systems. We are proud of the diversity of applications that can be derived out of a simpler, universal modular system.

With a modular system, universal, self-sufficient wall panels and frames can be combined in an endless array of configurations, lending to a huge variety of possible building types and functions.

We have talked about the advantage of this universality: through universality comes flexibility. If you build a complex system out of simpler elements and deliberately make those simpler elements independent and interchangeable, you give that complex system the inherent potential to be reduced back to those simpler elements, thus allowing you to build another complex system out of those original elements.

 lexibility allows businesses to implement change quickly and effectively to meet the rapidly changing conditions of the modern market.

Universality also promotes reusability, which in turn promotes sustainability. Instead of the wasteful process of creating, destroying, and creating again, we have the process of creating and then reusing that creation over and over again for years to come, greatly reducing waste and resource use. This has the added benefit of cutting costs as well.  

Now universality and flexibility are great things. But what do we have to say about custom applications? Sure there are applications that are so unique and atypical that it is difficult to account for the variation in a universal system, so what do we do about this?

The answer is we are fully capable of creating custom solutions that will fit the most unique needs.

For example, this application:

An Allied Custom Application

Here at Allied Modular, we are capable of building unique applications as well as universal ones.


This is an enclosure for a large-scale compressor that will be used on an oil rig. The compressor had a special shape and the machinery was situated in such a way that a specific region of the compressor had to be covered in order to protect it from interference from the environment.

We solved this problem by creating a custom enclosure to be fitted on the compressor which includes latching doors that can be opened for machinery inspection and cleaning.

We were given a unique problem, which we solved with a custom application realized by our talented architectural/engineering departments.