Something interesting is happening in the UK’s housing industry, as detailed in this article posted today.

The article states, “According to an independent report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, traditional housebuilding methods must make room for more cost effective and sustainable designs to help meet the estimated 80,000 yearly shortfall in new homes.”

The article elaborates on the report’s premise that what the housing industry needs is more off-site construction, increased use of recycled material, and innovative design to help build more houses quickly and affordably to make up for the housing depression. 

Traditional construction, according to the report, is costly, time consuming, and hard on environmental standards.

We here at Allied Modular are not surprised at the verdict of this report! In fact, we’ve been singing a similar tune for years. It is encouraging to see that this message is gaining ground on a worldwide scale, and in official terms, no less.

Modular construction is just the sort of technological innovation that can help combat depressed economies and environmental degradation at the same time.

With a struggling housing industry in the United States and parts of Europe, we could certainly use the added benefits of modular construction. Higher efficiency and better resource management are not only useful on a practical level, they are driving sales in a depressed economy, as buyers are consciously seeking out leaner, more efficient, and more sustainable practices.