Williams Scotsman, a mobile and modular space company serving the North American region, needed walls for a temporary modular complex to be built in the Washington state Capitol. The building was to serve 64 state legislators and their assistants and staff, and needed to be built within a very short timeframe. Williams Scotsman’s goals regarding the project reflected their characteristic inclinations to high standards: the modular complex was to be completed within a challenging timeline while providing the customer with quality office space that’s cost effective, all of it delivered with exceptional service. In the end, Williams Scotsman decided to go with Allied Modular’s demountable modular wall system. In doing so, Williams Scotsman was able to deliver to their customer a temporary modular complex in the timeframe specified while meeting all of the project goals with ease.   

Initially, Williams Scotsman considered conventional stick-built 2×4 walls for the project, as their initial costs were somewhat lower. However, the company quickly found out that not only were the stick-built walls less time effective, but less cost effective when it came to long term savings. Upon considering modular walls, Williams Scotsman found that modular wall systems can save up to 50% or more over stick-built walls. Also, a modular wall serves as an asset: modular walls can be reused over time due to their flexible nature, whereas stick-built walls often end up in landfills after their initial use. In this light, modular walls are not only cost effective but a smart choice in building sustainable, green buildings. Given these considerations and the fact that modular wall construction would reduce the project’s overall completion time, Williams Scotsman decided to go with Allied Modular’s wall system. The walls would be used to form the enclosed office and conference room spaces to be used by the legislators.

Williams Scotsman’s project was completed on time, thanks in part to the time effective aspects of modular walls. After the project was completed, we asked the company to give us feedback on the crucial aspects of their experience with Allied Modular. First, we asked them how their experience was in working with us. They replied, “The experience was very good. We worked closely with Allied to track actual installation time vs. scheduled time and when progress fell behind Allied’s anticipated schedule they met their commitment by adding additional installers to their crew.” Williams Scotsman was definitely impressed by our Service Beyond Belief philosophy in working with customers. We also asked Williams Scotsman about the most important qualities of the project, i.e. time, cost, look, and if those qualities were delivered upon. What they said was this, “The most important factor was time, followed by quality, appearance, and sound attenuation. Allied’s product and service met the challenge on all four.”

Williams Scotsman also reported that the results of the project exceeded theirs and their customer’s expectations. We are happy that the project went so well.