It is very interesting following the latest developments in skyscraper construction, as the current shift from traditional construction to modular construction is slowly occurring in that sector as well, along with modular’s challenges and benefits. This article illustrates the changing trends quite nicely.

The benefits are similar to the benefits of other types of modular construction. Advocates are claiming as much as 50% in cost savings. For a project as involved as skyscraper construction, this could amount to huge savings for sure. There is also the fact that modular construction uses less labor and is more time/energy effective. Modules are manufactured in a factory, then transported to the site, where they are lifted on top of one another and secured by cranes. Cost savings also allow the builder to construct affordable housing for middle to low income families.

One of the unique challenges pertaining to skyscraper construction is the question of sturdiness. As a building grows in height, more sophisticated supports and anti-seismic technologies are required to ensure that the building is sturdy. Human ingenuity will definitely meet these challenges while cutting costs, improving quality, and saving time and energy.

We applaud modular technology in all its forms, and its growing acceptance in the world of construction. Here’s to our skyscraper-building friends!