An interesting trend is beginning to take place among retailers across the country, particularly clothing and sports equipment retailers. 

As companies look into how they can improve their facilities for customers, and as they look into actual surveys they conduct with customers on preferred service improvements, more and more companies are finding that the dressing room has become an important feature in the retail environment.

In one study, as discussed in this article, customers are 71% more likely to purchase a product if they enter a dressing room to try something on. Many studies  are showing that the really serious customers are usually the ones using the dressing rooms, and so there is a general suggestion that a retail company’s dressing rooms be up to date, comfortable, secure, and functional.

More and more retailers are looking for different ways to improve the shopping experience when it comes to dressing rooms as well, such as installing social media-compatible screens and mirrors to communicate with friends before purchase, or enlarging the size of the dressing room, or installing service buttons.

At Allied Modular we have become more interested in dressing rooms as well, utilizing our modular wall system to function as an easy-to-install, affordable dressing room option for retailers looking to open or renovate. Definitely a trend to watch if you are in the clothing industry.