Allied Modular Building Systems is pleased to announce the acquisition of the UL Canada listing. This UL listing allows us to provide UL listed wall systems with electrical throughout North America. This acquisition represents a significant milestone in Allied Modular industry leadership, effectively making us the only current holder of a UL listed system in all of North America.

So what exactly does UL listing entail? The Underwriters Laboratory is a highly rigorous safety testing organization that thoroughly tests many types of products around the world to determine their safety.

From the UL site:

“Using our knowledge garnered from more than 100 years in certifying products, our product safety evaluations involve a comprehensive review of important safety issues such as electrical shock, fire hazards, and even performance when it’s inherent to a product operating safely.

We actively participate in national and international standards development and our own technical experts have developed more than 1,000 safety standards. Plus, our industry-leading team of primary designated engineers drives consistency, integrity and engineering quality in establishing and applying our certification requirements.

But UL’s involvement with product safety doesn’t end when a product leaves our laboratories. We continue to assess product safety at manufacturing facilities around the world throughout the life of a product. This, along with our investment in anti-counterfeiting efforts, helps protect the integrity of the product safety work we do.”

As you can see, a product with a UL listing is seen around the world as a dependable product, thus making the UL seal a highly coveted certification. The seal not only says a lot about the product it covers, it also helps businesses “navigate compliance, regulatory, and trade challenges to gain marketplace access and offer safer products around the globe.”

We are pleased to offer UL listed products (composite panels in accordance with C.E.C. 2010 and N.E.C 2011). Our cutting edge modular construction process involves the manufacture of modular building components (including UL listed composite panel systems), where they are shipped to a build site and quickly installed, providing a clean, efficient solution that results in a quality product. Our UL listed wall systems can be prewired for your convenience, making it possible to offer affordable turnkey solutions for your business needs. Once the building is installed, it is ready to go. With UL listing, your building will pass more easily through the permitting process if required, and in the end you can be sure your components are of quality construction and safe for the workplace.

And thanks to our recent UL Canada listing, you can get a quality UL listed modular building anywhere in Northern America!