Good employee morale is essential for a well-functioning business. And that’s not only because happy employees are just more pleasant. Happy employees contribute to a better functioning business as a whole, since business itself consists of relations and cooperative actions that take place between people.

If you have a bunch of workers who are constantly in bad moods, or fatigued, or they just don’t work well together, your processes are going to suffer. Think of how long it takes to get a project done when you have that “one guy” who takes forever getting you the information you need, or sending in your report, or lagging on the assembly line. Let alone if there are multiple people that are dragging their feet.

Employee emotions, motivations, perceptions, attitudes, and everything else about their person is going to dictate how quickly tasks get done, and how smoothly the overall process works. Each mini task effects all of the other tasks they relate to, and so if even one gets held up, the whole chain slows.

That’s why it is so important for business to keep their employees happy and motivated. And that’s why there are so many how to articles stressing employee morale and motivation. That’s also the reason for recreation centers and conference rooms and cafeterias and every other social facility that is useful in a workplace. It is important to integrate all of your workers into the company culture.

That said, here’s some useful articles¬†about employee motivation, and even about midday napping that we’d like to pass on.