Last week, we talked about the utility, convenience, and efficiency of using modular buildings for disaster relief projects. Well, looks like a field hospital in Joplin is getting an upgrade.

You’ll probably remember Joplin from the news a bit ago when that city was battered with a horrific outbreak of tornadoes. It was quite a disaster and many people were hurt and killed. Luckily, the city is on its way to rebuilding, as well as installing modular buildings in certain areas to help keep things moving.

The article mentions the fact that the hospital will have a more sturdy building, thanks to modular technology, to conduct operations; added benefits include stable floors, indoor plumbing, and a more comfortable atmosphere complete with windows (the field hospital was originally sheltered with a sort of tent-type structure).  Both the staff and the patients seem to be excited about the upgrade.

These area definitely positive developments and we are happy to see that institutions in Joplin are managing their recovery so well.