A Movable Security Unit Trailer
Mobile guard houses ready to ship in a moment’s notice.

For many companies, having a flexible security option can be highly advantageous. Whether you need guard houses in a hurry, or you move locations frequently, or you are a security company yourself and are looking for a portable guardhouse, mobile security units are a great choice and are highly convenient.

After all, business-related crime, specifically theft and vandalism, accounts for billions of lost revenue and profit annually. It never hurts to invest in security, especially if the means of security are portable, flexible, and cost-effective.
Our mobile security units are much like our modular guardhouses: they are durable and composed of the same quality materials that goes into the guard houses.
With one of these mobile security units, it is easy to cover checkpoints, parking lots, valuable company buildings, federal buildings, and more within a short time frame. A mobile security unit, or security booth, can be attached to a trailer which can be towed by many types of vehicles. All you have to do is hook up the trailer and go.
What’s more, these units can be equipped with a  self-contained regular or diesel generator to power the building. Electrical, lighting, and spotlighting are all contained within the unit. We are serious when we say all you have to do is hitch it up and go. Anywhere you need security, you can take the unit and it is ready for use.
Allied Modular also offers several options for our mobile security units, such as dual axle trailers, collapsible steps, braking systems, taillights, windows, doors, spotlights, one connection electrical pigtail, painted steel finish, heating, and air-conditioning.
In these mobile security units, you can have all you need to offer an effective security presence in a given area. And it is a very flexible security presence as well, the building being completely self-contained and portable.
Definitely a great way to protect a business, and you investment keeps on giving, since you can move it to wherever you need it.