Gaylord Palms Modular Movie Theater Front

Resort guests explore the convention hall in front of Gaylord's modular theater.

When we talk about the flexibility and versatility of our modular building systems, case studies like these really help us illustrate how versatile and flexible our modular walls really are. It is one thing to be able to produce endless variations of offices and enclosures, but custom applications like these really demonstrate the capabilities of our modular wall system.

Gaylord Palms, a resort in Florida, had a unique project in mind: they needed to erect a temporary movie theater inside their convention hall which would be composed of tall, sound-reducing walls that could reach the ceiling of their facility. Due to the scheduling of the convention hall, the construction portion of the project had to be done in a slim 48 hours. Considering the nature of the project, the client decided on a modular solution. Modular construction could provide the speed and efficiency to put up a high-quality temporary wall within roughly 48 hours. Also, the client would be able to take down the wall and reuse the modular components for future applications. In the end, Gaylord Palms went with Allied Modular’s building solution to handle their construction needs.

During the design phase, there were constant changes to the structure of the building, even up to the start date of the construction phase. Throughout the process Allied Modular was able to work with the client every step of the way and explain exactly what could be done and how. The timeframe was the most essential component to this project. Gaylord contracted an event company called SenovvA out of California who ran the build-out like a Broadway production, coordinating every phase from beginning to end. There was absolutely no time to waste or else another portion of the project would falter. Allied Modular had to be incredibly precise with every aspect of the job.

Gaylord Palms' modular movie theater interior

The modular movie theater's interior.

Needless to say, judging every phase of the project (design, manufacturing, and shipping) Allied Modular was able to deliver on all counts. Our team put together a tremendous effort to get such a large job done within the aggressive timeframe and our client was very happy with the results. According to Gaylord, they were exceptionally happy with the results, as the building turned out to be exactly what they thought it would be, and in the timeframe required, no less. In roughly two weeks, Gaylord Palms had a fully functioning, sound insulated 3D movie theater for its guests. Consider the conclusion of this project to be the beginning of another great business partnership!