Allied Modular and Fastenal's Modular Building Project

Owens Corning gets some new modular buildings.

With this project, Fastenal needed to close a large sale and win over an important client. Working closely with a client on a large scale project with successful results could strengthen the relationship with the client and lead to more business, which is exactly what happened with this project.

Fastenal’s client, Owens Corning, needed a building on their manufacturing floor that would provide a quiet environment to conduct meetings and train employees. The client needed a cost-effective long term solution with a manageable lead time so that the client wasn’t missing out on business or efficiency during construction.

Fastenal chose Allied Modular to work with in carrying out the project with the client. Due to our quality modular buildings that are constructed away from the build site in an efficient, non-invasive, and cost effective manner, our modular construction processes provided a perfect solution to the client’s needs.

Even with unforeseen delays, the project was completed in a favorable timeframe. Allied Modular was able to expedite the order to fulfill the client’s strict lead time. Due to the strong communication between Fastenal, Allied Modular, and the client, Fastenal was able to provide optimal customer service to the client, putting them high above the competition.

Fastenal was very happy with the end result, not to mention the client. Due to the quality of the product and the speed in which it was delivered, the client was very impressed with the end product and as a result, went on to continue business with Fastenal.

In the end, everyone came away from the project more than satisfied. The client was happy with the quality of the modular building and impressed with the short lead time, Fastenal was able to secure a strong relationship with an important client, and Allied Modular presided over another group of happy customers!