Modular Drinking Fountain Enclosure

Johnson Controls' new fountain enclosure.

Johnson Controls, an international leader in technology and industry, needed to provide a clean environment for drinking fountains on the manufacturing floors of their plants. They were looking for the modern look that a modular clean room affords, so they began requesting quotes from various modular clean room manufacturers.

Eventually, Johnson Controls decided on using Allied Modular’s modular enclosure system to be constructed around the drinking fountains. Allied Modular’s enclosure would encase the drinking fountain area and keep out contaminants that could be found in the manufacturing plant so that the workers would have clean water to drink on the job.

According to Johnson Controls, it was very easy to work with us throughout the course of the project. They have stated that we were very responsive to any questions or concerns they had. Because of that and of course Allied Modular’s efficient modular building method, we were able to turn out a large number of enclosures in a short amount of time.

Needless to say, Johnson Controls was very happy with the end product. They were more than satisfied with the overall costs the project amounted to, noting that the modular method was highly cost-effective. Also, they were very impressed with the clean, modern look of the modular enclosures; it was just the sort of style they had in mind. In addition, after the initial delivery, Johnson Controls decided to make some changes to the equipment and we were able to respond immediately, write up a new quote, and implement the necessary changes right away.

Finally, we asked Johnson Controls if they would recommend our company to others and they said they would do it “without hesitation.” They also mentioned that they’d be working with us in the future the next time they require a quality solution for their building needs. We couldn’t be happier with their answer.