Prefabs and Green Housing

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Two recent articles highlight the changing trends in the construction industry, trends that we’ve noted and discussed countless times in this blog. More and more voices are calling for an increased emphasis on modular, prefabricated modes of construction due to increased efficiency and benefit to the environment among other things.

The first article touches on the growing interest and expanding markets in modular housing and discusses the green aspects of the technology.

Among the benefits touted by the article, modular construction allows for more efficient utilization of resources in controlled factory settings, with materials often re-circulated if they aren’t used. Another point was that less wood is being used in this construction process, which goes easier on forests.

Also among the noted benefits were lower costs, due to increased efficiency, which many builders use to opt for other energy-saving features such as lighting and efficient energy. Also construction times lower. Many customers are looking for their efficient buildings with their cost savings and green attributes. The whole article is worth a read if you’re interested in green housing and where its going.

The other article focuses on a push for builders towards a renewal for prefabricated building techniques. They say “renewal” because prefabricated building techniques have been around for a while, but due to technology gains these last couple of years, the process has become much more efficient and produces buildings of a higher quality.

The article lists a number of advantages to prefabricated (or now more commonly called modular) construction. Among the advantages are less of a reliance on good weather conditions, the ability to supervise labor easier, the ability to provide easier access to tools and the reduced need for material deliveries to a construction site.

In short, modular construction makes the construction process much more efficient (in cost, time, and resources) and centralized, saving companies and clients time, money, and frustration. Definitely another article to check out.