The great thing about design-build companies is their integrated approach to construction, which ensures that you get what you originally envisioned. With constant communication from the design process all the way to the construction process, there are less opportunities for misunderstanding or error.

 Allied Modular will work with you every step of the design process to make sure you are happy with your project results. But there will always be some questions to ask when you’re ready to get started.

One important question is how much space do you have to work with, and what shape is your building eventually going to take? What is the purpose of the building you want? Our modular construction process is versatile and can produce anything from offices, cafeterias, conference rooms, control rooms, to guard houses.

Are there any physical features in your build space that we will have to build around? How about pipes or trusses or similar obstructions? We can work around these elements. Do you have a square building space, or will there be some interesting angles or layouts that will work into the design?

Where will the furniture go? How will it complement the room and assist you in carrying out necessary tasks? How much space do you need to set aside for desks and chairs that will be in the room?

How about  filing cabinets? How much space will you need to devote to carrying paperwork? This should be less of an issue as more companies go paperless, but nevertheless, paper documents will be around for plenty of time to come!

 Where will your personal storage be? Do you have equipment or miscellaneous personal affects to store? Or maybe a refrigerator or similar appliance? Cupboards? Closets?

 If you are going to have bookshelves, where will they be? And what about doors and windows? 

 These are the sorts of elements we will be figuring into the overall design in order to give you the best facilities for your money. Not to worry, we will assist you in these measurements and calculations, and can provide you with a comprehensive idea of the project with architectural drawings; but again, it is useful to think about what features you want your building to have so that you can get the best facility for your money!