How can modular construction help you achieve energy efficiency? Well there are several ways that modular buildings themselves do this in terms of the way in which they are designed and the various energy saving options that can be implemented after the building itself is built.

Modular buildings can help you save on your energy use with their superior insulation and other energy efficient options such as efficient lighting. When it comes to insulation, our modular walls feature an inner core that improves insulation properties, meaning modular buildings will stay warm with lower heating requirements when it is cold out and stay cool with lower air conditioning requirements when it is hot outside.

In terms of lighting, we optimize energy usage  with our selection of efficient lighting, such as T8 and T5 style lights. We can also go over your building plans and implement lighting calculations in order to situate an array of lights that will most effectively and efficiently light a workspace. We also offer lighting controls and energy savers such as motion sensor controls. These aren’t necessarily intrinsic to the modular building itself, but are useful additions for improving energy efficiency.

With more efficient lighting options, and a well insulated modular building that will keep down your heating and cooling costs, the combination of these improvements can help you lower your yearly energy bill and save on costs.  

Thanks to the energy-saving properties of modular buildings, and their reusability and recyclability, they are considered a green construction process. This sustainable construction practice is quickly becoming the model to follow in the 21st century.