Control Booth

Allied's modular control booth with UIG control system inside.

Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. selected Allied Modular Building Systems to supply the Analyzer and Control Building for the new Nitrogen System it is supplying to Bechtel in Richmond, KY.

The Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (BGCAPP) is a state-of-the-art facility being built by order of Congress to safely destroy the chemical weapons stockpile currently in storage at the Blue Grass Army Depot near Richmond, Ky. The BGCAPP website explains to its readers: “A team led by Bechtel National, Inc. and Parsons Infrastructure & Technology, Inc. will design, build, systemize, test, operate and close a plant to safely destroy the chemical weapons stockpile at Blue Grass Army Depot near Richmond, Kentucky.”

Chemical weapons disposal is a serious task. Weapons that carry dangerous materials such as nerve agents and mustard gas need to be safely dismantled and neutralized. The process selected for the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant consists of a process that breaks the materials down into harmless carbon dioxide, water, and salt. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

Required in that process is a dependable supply of nitrogen for various material handling and safety applications. UIG worked with the Bechtel-Parsons procurement team to deliver a Nitrogen System to meet the specific needs of the Blue Grass project, needs that include BGCAPP’s schedule, the “Buy America” purchasing requirement and Bechtel’s rigorous engineering and operational specifications. For a more detailed explanation of this nitrogen production technology, take a look at this description page

The control system for the UIG nitrogen system is housed in a specially designed control booth supplied by Allied Modular. The control system includes the panel and analytical instruments used to monitor and control the system. Although the system will be fully capable of remote operation a “visiting operator” can also visit the control building to control the system from there.

Allied Modular designed and built the control booth using the latest in modular construction techniques with modular panels and frames all computer-designed, manufactured and then pre-assembled at their facility in Tennessee. This approach ensures Allied Modular could manufacture the building on-time and to the highest standards under quality controlled conditions and it also facilitates faster installation at the BGCAPP site. To further minimize site installation time, UIG sent the system control panel which was installed in the building by Allied Modular, prior to shipment to the BGCAPP site.

The BGCAPP project is a huge undertaking and it takes diverse, specialized companies all working together to get the job done. UIG and Allied Modular combined their respective expertise to ensure the BGCAPP nitrogen system has a world class control building.