In 2009 we announced our acquisition of ICC approval. But every once in a while we like to remind our customers about the advantages that ICC gives you and how it further streamlines a construction process that is already highly efficient.

Pulling permits can be a time-consuming process. Builders will have to provide individual engineering specifications for each permit being pulled and this can take time and man-power. However, this entire process is made much easier with an ICC-ES evaluation report.

The ICC-ES allows construction companies to streamline the permit process and provide you with a faster, more pain-free construction process. An ICC-ES report basically provides permit-issuers with reliable third party verification that a product meets the requirements of international building codes. The evaluation report confirms that a building process, such as with a modular building system, complies with the structural requirements of the 2006 International Building Code (IBC).

Generally, to acquire the report, construction companies have to submit to the ICC-ES plans, calculations, and transverse load tests that are in accordance with the ACO4, which are the ICC-ES acceptance criteria for sandwich panels. This evaluation report ensures that you the customer and permit-issuers can be assured a builder’s products meet the structural and safety requirements of international building codes.

The ICC-ES evaluation report acts as a badge of approval that helps streamline the permit process so that you can get a better product for lower cost and faster implementation time.