Allied Modular Building Systems is supplying the Facebook company with a guardhouse for their Menlo Park facility. The guardhouse – which is a 6’ x 8’ portable building that will be anchored to their existing concrete slab – features a stainless steel counter and a sliding glass window for various required functions.

Modular guardhouses are versatile yet sturdy security solutions that are excellent for a prompt establishment of security presence. Modular guardhouses are assembled in a factory out of a universal panel and framing system and then shipped either whole or ready to be assembled to the desired site. This allows businesses to avoid often costly and messy construction on their premises and instead order a full functional guardhouse to be installed at their desired location.

These guardhouses can be fitted for forkliftable or even crane-liftable transportation options and are easy to relocate at a moment’s notice. They are sturdy, durable, and weather-resistant. Though they are easy to transport and relocate, these guardhouses can just as easily be anchored and made a permanent security option.

The modular design of these guardhouses allows for many different configurations with various types of windows, doors, heating and air, counters, lights, and more. These guardhouses often feature built in wiring with electrical and data if needed. Many times a customer will order a guardhouse that is virtually ready to be used right off the truck.

Guardhouses make an excellent, cost-effective means for security, especially in parking lots on company lots. Visual security presence, coupled with lighting and camera systems if desired, is a very effective crime and vandalism deterrent. Guardhouses provide a durable, versatile platform for companies like Facebook to install security presence on their premises in a timely manner.