It is important to be flexible and receptive to the changing conditions of the market in today’s fast and tough economy. Conventional modes of construction are quickly coming into disfavor due to an often messy, time-consuming process associated with conventional stick-built and drywall-based applications, which can hobble businesses and lead to wallet-busting phases of construction downtime.

Modular construction – and portable modular buildings in particular – are garnering more and more attention from lean, efficient businesses. First of all, their construction method involves modular components manufactured in a factory, which are then shipped to the build site where they are quickly installed. Contrast this with conventional construction in which buildings are built out of their materials on the site itself, taking time and leaving construction debris. Processes like these often lead to business downtime as well, costing the customer potential customers and revenue, whereas modular construction dramatically cuts down on downtime, since most of the construction takes place offsite.

With more efficient construction methods and resource use, you could imagine that modular buildings tend to be more cost-effective than their conventional construction counterparts. But it is important to understand some of the more subtle advantages of these buildings as well.

Portable modular buildings can be installed quickly, and dismantled or reconfigured just as quickly. This means that a business can determine their workspaces at will, without being constrained by a time-consuming, resource-intensive construction process to alter the surrounding building. Portable modular buildings can be built into existing structures or even stand on their own, where they can be made permanent or dismantled and repurposed at any time by the owner.

This portability allows businesses to be highly flexible with their workspaces, allowing them to reconfigure their facilities at will, should market conditions change unexpectedly. This allows businesses to remain nimble and change with the market in order to maximize their revenues and stay efficient.

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