Everyday, forklift accidents across the US lead to unnecessary injuries, fatalities, and economic losses. Below are some sobering accident statistics:

  • There is a forklift accident in the workplace every day.
  • Forklift accidents account for 100 deaths and over 20,000 injuries a year in the US.
  • Approximately every 3 days, someone in the US is killed in a forklift accident.
  • Costs amount to over 100 million dollars a year in forklift accidents.

These statistics were taken from a study done by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in June 2001. Such accidents still occur with the same frequency today, though more safety measures are being implemented everyday as well, such as the installation of guardrails, for example.

Incurred costs can be seen not only in business property and merchandise damage, but in worker’s compensation, worker downtime, and workers’ lawsuits due to injury in the accidents. Forklifts can heavily damage workers, managers, inplant offices, product racking, warehouse walls, vending machines, expensive machinery, merchandise, conveyor belts, viewing windows, and really anything that can fall into their path should they veer off course.

Training and certification is done to ensure forklift operators are correctly operating their forklifts. However, these operators don’t always follow the guidelines specified in training. Also mistakes in judgment can happen as well. Just like driving out on the road, we take tests and are trained to drive safely and correctly, but we either loosen our safe driving techniques or make mistakes and get into crashes all the time. Thus we see the installation of highway guardrails and other safety measures. The same happens in the workplace with forklifts. Warehouses are just as appropriate places as highways for safety rails.

Widespread guardrail installation can greatly cut down on these numbers, saving lives and minimizing damage costs to your own business. Forklifts pose a danger to the safety of your employees, buildings, and equipment. Installing guard rails in key positions can help cut down on this risk or eliminate it altogether. Modular guardrails in particular are easy to install and provide excellent protection against a wide range of accidents that can happen at any time.

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