Control Booth

St. Lawrence Booth Being Prepared With Crane

The St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, an agency of the United States Department of Transportation, has purchased two modular control booths from Allied Modular Building Systems. The control booths will serve as enclosures for the lock controls of a lock system on the New York side of the St. Lawrence Seaway system.  

The two control booths are identical 5’ x 8’ booths. Their bases are manufactured out of welded aluminum with columns in the corners that run straight through to the roof. This allows the booths to be crane-liftable from the top. The control booths need to be crane-liftable because of the harsh frozen conditions during winter in the region; the booths will be stored during the winter and lifted back out again upon more favorable conditions. The control booths feature flooring that has two sheets of marine grade plywood with aluminum diamond plating on top. They are installed with insulated roofs, dual pane windows, and sliding doors.

These control booths are built for sturdy operation in harsh weather, while remaining portable and easily relocatable in order for them to be stored during the winter. The modular construction process allows these control booths to be designed and manufactured in factory conditions, so that they can be transported to and installed with ease on the desired build site.

The St. Lawrence Seaway system itself is a collection of locks and canals designed to allow safe passage for ocean-going vessels traveling from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes – as far inland as Lake Superior – and for vessels traveling the reverse direction as well. The seaway is also the site of various recreation activities such as boating, fishing, camping, and even scuba diving, where divers can explore sunken pump stations and wreckage sites. The seaway spans the United States and Canada, and both countries manage their respective territories where the seaway is located.

With the help of the sturdy and versatile modular lock control booths, the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation is able to manage the lock systems in the seaway in order to oversee the safe passage of the vessels passing through the seaway. And thanks to the advantages of modular construction, these lock control booths can be acquired with ease!