Pankl Aerospace

A Pankl Enclosure

This month we are featuring a project with Pankl, a manufacturer of racing and aerospace systems. The current project has to do with their aerospace work, such as the manufacturing of helicopter rotor parts. This will be the 4th consecutive project with Pankl, indicating a healthy ongoing business relationship.

The type of work we have done with Pankl concerns what industry would call “conditioning air space.” Pankl works with sensitive machinery in the course of the manufacturing process, and in a factory setting, it becomes very important to protect this machinery from repeated exposure to the factory environment and the numerous particulates that could be in the air.

One of the best ways to protect this type of machinery from outside contamination is to enclose it with a structure within the factory. Allied Modular specializes in modular enclosures specifically. With modular components such as universal wall panels and frames, Allied Modular can manufacture the components in the factory and then install the building within the designated warehouse or factory quickly and without invasive hard construction and the accompanying patching and painting.

Needless to say, these modular structures can be built right around the surrounding infrastructure. Pipes and support beams can be worked around no problem. And most importantly, a modular enclosure can be built around the designated heavy machinery while workers are going about their tasks. The walls are carefully installed around the machinery while business processes continue. This means costly business downtime is completely unnecessary. This is in stark contrast to most hard construction methods, where the necessity of structural alteration and/or the introduction of building materials and workers necessitates processes be shut down to accommodate the construction. This can result in revenue losses and sharp decline in output. And if the processes effected are a critical part of a larger system, then your business is going to suffer unnecessary losses.

These are just a few of the many reasons to use modular construction as opposed to hard construction when it comes to implementing new buildings for your business. With the convenient, efficient, and cost-effective form of construction that Allied Modular can provide in the form of modular construction, no wonder Pankl is a repeat customer! We can work our modular enclosures around any manufacturing environment and we can do it all while business continues as usual!