Manufacturers of mobile buildings such as ModSpace, Design Space, and Pacific Mobile Structures have increasingly turned to various modes of modular construction to deliver their buildings and save the customer on time and costs. Shifts like these characterize the rapidly expanding modular construction industry and demonstrate the growing market for modular buildings.

Mobile buildings are generally premanufactured buildings that are mounted on trailers that can be quickly built and transported to a desired site. These buildings often make great temporary offices at construction sites, businesses undergoing remodeling, schools looking to temporarily expand their classes, and more.

The fact that the buildings are premanufactured allows the user to avoid time-consuming and costly hard construction at the build site. Premanufactured buildings feature a process that is suggested by their name: they are manufactured in components in a factory far away from the build site and then are assembled and delivered right to the specified location. This allows for a quick office solution for a business under a tight schedule.

Premanufactured buildings often involve modular components that can be easily rearranged or modified in the name of expediency. Allied Modular Building Systems has seen an increasing amount of requests from ModSpace, Design Space, and Pacific Mobile Structures for just these sorts of components, such as our modular walls for office dividing purposes.

Our modular walls come as premanufactured components that can easily be inserted into modular buildings such as an office or class room. Instead of having to build up a dividing wall that would have to be torn down if the user wanted to make changes, we can simply provide premanufactured modular walls that can be inserted wherever desired and rearranged at any time, should the user’s needs change.

The mobile building industry has been providing temporary solutions for its clients for years now. As modular construction becomes more prevalent in the construction industry in general, these products and their methods are becoming more convenient, time effective, and cost effective.