We’ve seen the various exciting looks we could get with color facings on our modular walls. With custom color facings, businesses can have an appealing thematic look to their modular wall configurations or match up with their brand colors. With the addition of powder-coated frames and mezzanine structures, some very visually appealing buildings can be set up fast. So what else can be done with modular walls? Are we left with square hallways and featureless walls?

The obvious answer is of course not! We have had many custom applications in which our walls are fitted to carry out different tasks or carry out some specialized function. Modular walls can be combined with a huge array of effects, design aspects, and accessories to take on character.

Two examples that come immediately to mind concern wall angles and ornamentation:

For business owners that want to try something different than the same old straight lines with their office walls, they can add some visual interest to their office layout? Though they are highly functional, we know right angle after right angle can lead to a monotonous, boxy look, which can get pretty boring visually. We can implement 45 degree angles into office designs with no problem. Having slanted walls or entrances can alter observer perception of the room and generate interest in the immediate surroundings or draw attention to doors or windows on the walls. There are all sorts of creative things you can do once you start tinkering with wall angles. 45 degree angles are great for retail environments or sprucing up an office environment.

Another great example is adding wall ornamentation to achieve a more traditional look. Sometimes our customers want something more than just a flat wall ending at an abrupt angle at the ceiling. They may be looking for a more upscale or elegant look, and if that is the case, we have an excellent solution: we offer crown molding and chair railing for our modular walls.

These ornamental additions lend a nice 45 degree angled incline to the ceiling, treating the eye to an easy view of the transition from wall to ceiling. This adds a subtle air of elegance to a modular wall system and is great if you want a more stylized appearance for your workspace or retail space. Chair railing also adds a nice touch of eye-catching ornament to an otherwise flat wall. These ornamentations give the walls that extra touch of elegance that many will appreciate.

These stylistic variations aren’t for everyone, but they are a great example of the versatility and the flexibility of the modular wall system.