AMI Metals, an aerospace material specialist and leader in the industry for 25 years, chose Allied Modular Building Systems to build a modular building around their workspace. Now of course, we won’t brag too much that our modular buildings – being of quality construction and highly affordable and expedient to boot – make for an attractive option. But there is another reason that AMI Metals chose to work with us, a reason that many companies are finding increasingly appealing in this fast and tough economy of ours.

What we are able to do due to one of the many advantages of modular construction is build our modular buildings around the workplaces of staff as they continue to work. Our modular buildings can be cleanly and quickly installed around staff as they work at their desks with minimal noise and site disturbance.

As we have explained before, our modular buildings are manufactured in components in a factory, where they are taken to the build site to be installed. There is no need for structural alteration and there is no mess from patching and painting. There is no waste biproduct or release of particulates that your staff and equipment need to be protected from. We can get in, install the building, and get right out with minimal disturbance.

What all this means is that the company can continue their processes during construction without having to suffer business downtime, which is a definite must in a tough economy when every second of production is crucial and revenue is badly needed.

This workplace flexibility allows businesses to build new facilities and workplaces while still continuing their operations. Also workplaces can be altered, expanded, or downsized with minimal disruption, allowing businesses to adjust their facilities quickly in order to respond to changing market conditions. Modular construction allows businesses to increase flexibility and gain advantages over the competition.