Many types of modular guardrails are sturdy in construction and make for a smart addition to any workplace in which forklifts and heavy machinery can pose a danger to employees and the environment. These types of guardrails are easy to install and lend an extra layer of safety wherever they are positioned.

Modular guardrails are manufactured out of heavy duty 10 gauge corrugated steel. These are sturdy rails and will protect from all sorts of accidental impact; these are the kinds of rails that are used on California highways to protect vehicles. The rails are also designed to absorb impacts from forklifts and other heavy equipment in the workplace.

These rails are generally powder-coated safety yellow so there’s no need to repaint or touch up past coats. Powder-coat paint is an especially durable type of paint that owes its longevity and durability to a process in which free-floating, dry powder paint is applied electrostatically to metal surfaces and then cured with heat. This type of paint coat resists weathering and chipping.

Modular guardrails tend to take on a certain shape and format. The rails themselves are mounted on universal posts which can be configured in any arrangement thinkable. What this allows is for the purchaser to choose their rail parts which are premanufactured and install the parts in a configuration that is necessary for their purposes. These rails are often offered in different heights with a second mounted rail offered for higher, more reinforced rail protection.

Modular guardrails are generally more expedient and cost-effective than their conventional counterparts, and can protect workplaces just as effectively. For workplaces in which there is heavy machinery in motion, it is essential to install such guardrails, and modular guardrails are a great way to go about it.

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