You’ve probably heard it all: how bad smoking is for you, how bad secondhand smoke is for non-smoking bystanders, how many dangerous chemicals cigarettes have in them and how addictive they can be, how cigarettes constitute a public health crisis , but the fact of the matter is cigarettes aren’t going to be banned wholesale anytime soon, and smokers’ rights have to be respected, even as they are being diminished by increasingly harsh smoking laws. Smoke breaks may be a nuisance to business productivity, but many businesses will employ smokers and it is against the law to discriminate against them for their habits.

Another fact to keep in mind is that many people still like to smoke. Many are addicted to smoking. People of certain genetic predispositions, personality types, and dispositions are more likely to take up smoking. People with smoking in their family, or who are exposed to strong commercial messages in their youth and even adulthood can be more likely to smoke as well. So for all intents and purposes, smokers as a demographic are here to stay.

Keeping these facts in mind, many businesses have taken to installing smoking shelters on their premises. In most states, smoking is prohibited in the workplace and even within a certain distance of workplace entrances. So to avoid having a bunch of smokers congregating outside and leaving cigarette butts and clouds of smoke everywhere, businesses have opted to establish designated smoking areas where smokers can gather. With these smoking shelters, smokers can have their breaks, be protected from the weather, converse with their peers, and enjoy the fresh (mostly) air for a bit before they get back to work.

Smokers often have a nervous disposition, and can be more susceptible to stress buildup in their daily lives. This could lead to lower productivity and conflicts with coworkers, and though a cigarette isn’t always the best solution for such troubles, they are often the most immediate fix for a stressful situation. So again, providing a smoking shelter for smoker employees is often the best way to allow them some space to take their smoke break, collect their thoughts, an build rapport with their peers.

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