Smoke-break frequency can vary from smoker to smoker. Some smokers will go through two packs a day and take a smoke break every half an hour or less. Other smokers just limit themselves to a couple of cigarettes and take a break at longer intervals. Many of these smokers will smoke more or less due to their changing stress levels as well. Some smokers like to smoke after meals or for various other reasons.

Of course, these habits can cut back on work time due to various breaks. And several large businesses have complained that smokers incur large health care costs. But the fact remains that smokers’ rights are still protected by law. Employees can’t be fired or discriminated against in other ways for their smoking habits. But on top of that, there are many states that have strict laws when it comes to smoking in public places. So businesses have to accommodate their smokers without subjecting non-smoking employees to second hand smoke.

Smokers, like everyone else, are social and want to interact with others if people are around. What will oftentimes happen is that smokers will gather in a certain area outside of the business, since they can’t smoke anywhere inside. They will often gather outside doorways or passageways where other employees have to pass, thus transferring the problem of second hand smoke from a workplace room to a cloud of smoke immediately outside, so many states have legislated that smoking has to take place a certain distance away from the building.

Many smokers lose sight of this cloud smoke, because they are surrounded by it every day. Many also lose sight of their cigarette butts as litter; they will throw their butts wherever they happen to be, which can build up on business grounds and produce unsightly and unsanitary conditions.

So how to accommodate these smokers? As we’ve expressed multiple times on this site, one of the easiest ways is simply to install a smoking shelter and establish a designated smoking area a safe distance away from non-smoker exposure. Designating a smoking area, smokers can keep their smoke a safe distance away from other employees, cigarette butts will be kept limited to a certain space, and the smokers themselves will have a place to socialize and be kept out of the elements. This will result in happier employees, both smoking and non-smoking.

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