Depending on the state your business is located in, various types of harsh weather can manifest at different times of the year. Today’s reality is that there are still plenty of smokers and these smokers need to have at least one or more smoking breaks during their shift, depending on their personal habits.

Add in harsh weather to the mix and you have a new set of difficulties for your smoking employees. Seeing as how most states have banned smoking in a commercial building, and many have also banned smoking within a certain distance of said buildings, this can pose a problem. Below is a list of weather conditions that can make problems for your employees.

High winds: high winds are difficult to smoke in. If your building is not directly shielding these winds, your smoker employees are going to have to travel somewhere where the winds are less pronounced, or attempt to get their cigarette lit despite the wind and get in a quick smoke. If the area is dry, this raises the danger of carried sparks and burning butts, contributing to fire dangers.

Rain: a little rain never hurt, but heavier rains can drench your employees fast, leading to messes in the workplace. If smokers can find shelter near your building, there’s a chance that it is a near a doorway and could be a possible code violation. Getting rained on can lead to grump smokers, and thus potentially unproductive workers.

Snow and cold weather: obviously snow is cold. Blizzards can amplify this problem as well. It is difficult to smoke in these conditions without shelter. And excess snow can be tracked in and make a mess.

Hot weather: An intense sun can wear down a person fast, leading to perspiration and fatigue. If there is no shade around your building, what will your employees do?

In conclusion, these harsh weather conditions can make life difficult for your smoking employees which in turn can hurt your business. Installing a smoking shelter is one of the easiest solutions to these problems. A good, solid steel framed smoking shelter can protect your smokers against the elements, providing shielding, heaters (if needed), and a place to throw away butts.

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