Perhaps you’ve seen a Crown Victoria with custom security decals driving around an industrial complex or gated community. These types of security patrols make for a great “visual presence” but they aren’t nearly as effective as having your own on site security staff.

Part of the problem resides within the fact that “drive by” style security companies have many other customers. When they stop to drive through a housing tract or facility they don’t stay very long. They have other customers to attend to and could be overbooked in terms of time spent per client.

Most of these companies are given a list of directives and tasks to accomplish in their stops. This may include checking doors, windows, and gates to ensure that they are locked. Other duties may consist of making note of burnt out lights and other potential security concerns. At the end of their shift a report is turned reporting on the status of the above mentioned duties. More often than the not the reports aren’t very detailed, and usually hastily written.


With an on site security team, you’ll have the piece of mind of knowing that your security personnel have vested interest in your company versus a long list of clients. Furthermore, by placing a guard house on site you’ll give your security team a place to operate from. These shelters are often cost efficient and provide shelter from the elements.

Do some research and find the best type of guard house for your facility.