Modular construction is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional “stick built” construction.  Here are the top ten green advantages of modular construction:

10. Modular walls and components are created in a factory under controlled conditions.

9. Modular offices and mezzanines take advantage of extra space and a smaller carbon foot print.

8. Factories that make modular components typically recycle excess materials such as paper, steel, and aluminum.

7. Modular structures can easily be moved, added on to, or recycled.

6. Metallic parts used in modular construction typically use powdered coated paint which has a significantly smaller impact on the environment compared to liquid paint.

5. Reduced air pollution and auto emissions as workers have a shorter commute to a factory versus job sites.

4. Modular walls are made with gypsum which incorporates recycled materials.

3. Modular construction is very efficient and produces far less waste than traditional construction.

2. Modular walls have a longer life span as they are typically resistant to warping, termites, rot, and water damage.

1. Modular walls offer great energy conservation through thermal efficiency and quality insulation.

As you can see, these are just some of the many green benefits of modular construction.  If you are environmentally conscious and prefer using sustainable resources modular construction is the perfect solution.