Most people have heard of modular construction, but aren’t familiar with how it works or what it looks like. There are many myths surrounding modular construction, and this article will shed some truth on how beneficial modular construction can be.

Myth 1: Modular buildings aren’t good for the environment.
This statement couldn’t be further from the truth! Modular walls are fabricated away from the construction site in a specialized factory by trained professionals. Because these walls are made off site, there are far less wasted materials, and the materials used are far more “green” than traditional methods.

Myth 2: Modular buildings can only be used as temporary structures.
Many have seen modular buildings used as temporary structures for schools that need to quickly add some extra classrooms. Although modular construction can be used for this purpose, modular construction can actually do much more. Modular buildings have track records of being used for decades, with durability that is as good as structures built by traditional methods.

Myth 3: Modular buildings lack an aesthetic appeal.
Another common misconception is that modular buildings are lacking a certain creativity and architectural beauty. With modular construction the sky is the limit! There are a vast amount of customizable options that are often easier to design than traditional construction. Modular construction offers a host of accessories such as doors, lighting, windows, and fixtures.

Myth 4: Modular buildings are built poorly.
Since modular buildings are fabricated off site, they are built with exceptional quality. Modular walls are built within a controlled environment by factory trained professionals. These walls are built to be durable, as they need to be transported to the job site. As previously mentioned, modular walls have a reliable track record of lasting decades.

Myth 5: Modular construction takes too long.
Quite contrarily, modular construction is actually built and assembled quite quickly! Modular projects are often completed 20% – 40% faster than traditional construction. Design and engineering time is also significantly decreased, and installation quickly and efficiently accomplished.

Modular construction is a great option for your next construction project. Do some additional research and see how modular construction can benefit your company.