Working in an industrial facility often presents unique challenges on how to use space efficiently. Areas with large open floor plans are great for machinery and equipment, but require unique solutions to use this space for offices. With a bit of creativity and one of the construction industry’s greenest methods you can take advantage of that extra space.

Modular construction is an unobtrusive means of easily adding offices. Due the nature of modular, these offices are constructed off site in a factory and then shipped and assembled on site which means far less disruption on the job site than traditional construction. Additionally these offices can be setup quickly and be for more cost efficient that “stick built” construction methods.

Are you aware of the benefits of using modular construction pertaining to building codes? The codes that businesses are concerned with feature ratings for load, wind and fire. With traditional construction architect’s drawings must be stamped and approved that they meet these regulations and these regulations will need to be signed off by an inspector on site. Modular walls are created off site, and often times these walls are already approved. Furthermore, modular walls can be considered “equipment” and may not even need a permit. In the few cases in which a permit is still required in is often much more easily accomplished than traditional construction.

Not sure of the amount of space you’ll need today versus a few years from now? Modular construction will give you the freedom to easily add on to your existing offices. Not only is this option more cost effective, it is also better for the environment.

Modular construction is great to way to add offices and maximize your existing space. Combined with the addition of mezzanine systems you can even take advantage of extra vertical space. Modular offices can also be multiple stories in height, and offer customizable options like doors and windows.