Chances are good you’ve seen someone smoking an “e-cigarette” recently.  They can sometimes look a little strange; like a large ink pen, plastic recorder, or even a traditional cigarette.   Instead of burning tobacco with fire then inhaling the smoke, the electronic cigarette works a little differently.

Most electronic cigarettes are composed of three main parts: the atomizer, battery, and cartridge.  Additionally, some electronic cigarettes may have an LED that glows red to give it a similar look to real cigarettes.  Most e-cigarettes work by having the user suck air through the device which causes the liquid inside to heat up and then vaporize.  The end result is a vapor, which looks quite similar to smoke, that is emitted and inhaled which contains nicotine.

Although electronic cigarettes are by no means a “safe” alternative to smoking ,many have found them to be a helpful aide in quitting smoke.  There are many accounts online of habitual smokers having lack luster results with patches and nicotine gum, but finding success through using e-cigarettes.  The FDA has yet to make a substantial judgment, but rather has cited with the fact that there hasn’t been enough testing to confirm how safe they really are.

It doesn’t matter if your preference is electronic cigarettes or traditional ones, smokers need a place to smoke.  Many companies have seen great results through using outdoor smoking shelters.  These shelters are typically built modularly offsite and shipped to the customer where they are assembled and installed.  Modular construction is typically better for the environment as materials are easily recycled and far less waste is produced.

Smoking shelters provide protection from the elements and an easy place for smokers to dispose of cigarette butts and ash, as most shelters are equipped with ash cans.  Furthermore, smoking shelters provide a comfortable place for smokers to enjoy electronic or traditional cigarettes.