Many states require that businesses provide a place for their employees to take a smoke break.  Some companies simply stick an ash tray near their entrance and consider the requirement met.  Smoking areas placed near the entrance and exits of a business can often be distracting to non-smokers and crowd doors.  Fortunately there is another way that appeals to both smokers and non-smokers.

Smoking shelters give smokers a place to smoke in a designated area that provides protection from the elements.  Smoking shelters are available in different sizes to meet the needs of your business.  Smoking shelters are typically composed of several walls, a roof, bench, and ash can which are all built to handle being outside in a host of weather conditions.  Furthermore, some shelters offer full enclosure whereas others are partially open to fresh air.

The best part about smoking shelters is that they are built with green construction methods through modular construction.  Modular construction typically consists of fabricating all the major components in a dedicated factory offsite.   This leads to better uses of construction resources and no down time due to weather delays.  Furthermore, because the construction takes place in a consolidated facility, excess waste is reduced and materials are easily recycled.

Once your smoking shelter is complete it is shipped to your business.  Smoking shelters are quite easily assembled and don’t require a contractor or skilled team of experts.  Once your new smoking shelter is setup you’ll have provided a designated area for your smokers to enjoy their cigarettes without disturbing the non-smokers in the office.