Allied Modular was pleased to help TCR Composites find a solution for their expansion needs. TCR composites is based out of Utah and they needed to add additional office space and a server room. They had been looking for a cost effective solution but found that traditional construction methods were quite expensive and time consuming.

Their search for a cost effective solution led them to Allied Modular. Todd W. handles information technologies at TCR and headed up this expansion project. Todd was looking for a server room with secure walls to ensure that their servers were safe from intrusion. Additionally, it was also vitally important that the wall system be well insulated. Servers can generate a fair amount of heat and require a cool, climate controlled environment to run optimally. Allied Modular’s wall system provided a secure solution with superior insulation.

Todd worked with several of his co-workers to install the walls. This process proved quite easy, and was completed far quicker than traditional construction methods. Overall, Todd was able to construct these offices and a server room at a considerably lower cost than other construction methods. One of the best parts of this project is the flexibility that comes with modular construction. Allied Modular’s walls can be easily added on to or moved at a later date. Todd has already started planning out future expansion, and our wall system can easily accommodate.

In conclusion, modular construction is a cost effective solution that is great for any business. Contact us today to learn more about how modular construction can benefit your business!