We’ve been privileged to work with an array of industries, and one industry that we are particularly fond of working with is the aerospace industry.  It is exciting to know that our walls surround amazing, cutting edge technology, which is being developed by many of our clients to keep our country safe.


The aerospace industry has its own unique set of challenges and we have worked with a host of aerospace companies to provide the right solutions.  One of our most popular solutions is maximizing space.  In a large production facility, the need for offices, processing rooms and extra storage is often required.  Our modular walls can easily be assembled into a free standing structure or can be used with the existing walls of your facility (e.g. the corner of warehouse) to transform that extra space into a usable structure.  Furthermore, our modular buildings can be built with load bearing roofs which make for an excellent observation or storage space.

machine enclosure_AlliedModular.com_08

In addition to our modular buildings and loading bearing roofs, many of our aerospace clients have sought out our machine enclosures.  These enclosures are custom made to house machinery and offer an added level of security and sound insulation.  Machine enclosures are great for precision and sensitive machinery processes.  Additionally, machine enclosures can help machinery operate under optimal conditions by controlling temperature and keeping dust and other debris at bay.


These are just some of the numerous solutions we have developed to aid the aerospace industry.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company.