Our guard houses are built under factory- controlled conditions in our California or Tennessee facilities.  In addition to adhering to strict quality- control standards, they are also easily moved via forklift and installed hassle- free.  Additionally, our guard houses come with a host of customizable options.


One factor that your security guards will happily appreciate is our air conditioning systems, as well as options for heating.  These systems will keep the temperature inside the guard house at a comfortable and controllable level.  We also have several different heating and cooling options depending on the size of the guard house.


One of the great features of our guard houses is their wide field of view.  Our big windows allow you to see out and keep an eye on the facility.  Our windows are available in single- pane, double- pane and sliding windows.  Furthermore, these windows come in standard sizes and are available with different types of glass.  Safety glass (with or without gray tint), wire glass, plexiglass, lexan and pattern glass are just a few of the options that are available.


Lastly, there are a variety of electrical options that can be customized for your new guard house.  The raceways within the guard house can accommodate  many switches and electrical plates.  Many states are writing in new laws that require motion sensing switches for lights, and we can gladly incorporate them into your guard house.  We can also add double- stack switches, standard switches and 3- way switches.  Additionally, we can add 110 and 220 volt outlets, as well as GFI outlets.  Furthermore, our raceways can be used for phone and data jacks, A/V jacks and BNC jacks.


In conclusion, one of the great benefits of our guard houses is the ease of customization.  You have the freedom to choose the type of glass, electrical outlets and phone and data jacks.  Contact us today to learn more about how to customize your guard house.