The old adage for big cities is that if you can’t build out you build up.  This adage does not just apply to cities looking to better use space.  It also applies to businesses large and small.  At Allied Modular one of our most popular solutions is helping companies use their vertical space.


Have you heard of mezzanines?  Most people know them from theaters and sporting events as the area up the stairs with seats.  Conceptually similar, companies have been using our mezzanines as building platforms for years.  Atop our mezzanines companies have built offices, vision towers, observation decks, and they can be used for many other things.  The space underneath the mezzanines can also be used for storage, house equipment or machinery, or for modular structures.


Allied Modular’s mezzanines are built out of high quality, durable galvanized steel.  Furthermore, the steel is available in several different finish options.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your vertical space.