What is the key to a productive workplace?  Many scientists agree that taking breaks leads to a higher level of productivity.  It does sound a little strange, but taking a break allows the brain to relax and come back more focused.

Many states have specific laws that pertain to breaks.  Most common is the meal or “lunch break” which gives employees time to eat a meal.  Lunch breaks range from about thirty minutes to an hour depending on the company.  These breaks are vital to success because they allow the mind to rest while enabling the body to get some nourishment.

Break rooms provide a comfortable place for employees to relax and eat their meals, and vary widely based on the needs of the company.  Available in different sizes, lunch rooms can be easily installed in your facility through modular construction.  Unlike traditional construction, modular construction builds the windows, doors, walls and other elements in a factory off site.  This allows for a factory controlled environment that uses sustainable materials and creates eco-friendly products.  The components are then installed on the site in fraction of the time of traditional construction.

By providing a place for your employees to eat their meals and take breaks, you’ll ensure the highest level of productivity.